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Festival Foods Tiny Home

We would like to Thank Festival Foods Community Involvement team and Samantha Petersen for their generous donation of $10,000 to our Veterans 1st of Northeast Wisconsin Tiny Homes Village. Our first Tiny Home will be named “Community Build of 2023 with Festival Foods Home”. We hope to continue a partnership with Festival Foods when we have our first residents in the summer of 2024. Festival Foods Community Involvement does so very much for our local communities.

As Mark Skogen, Festival Foods President, and CEO states, “Our guests and associates are making a positive impact in their local communities with every contribution to Food for Neighbors and Paw Away Hunger. By promoting opportunities to contribute to these programs in our stores, we have the honor to further call attention to some of the needs in our communities.” They began their Food for Neighbors program in 2004 in eight stores. Shortly after, in 2008, they created Paw Away Hunger to help our furry friends. All donations stay in the communities where they are collected, currently providing food and supplies to approximately 50 Wisconsin food pantries and 40 Wisconsin animal organizations. The total donated since the existence of these programs is $3,141,254.

Programs they offer to nonprofits

They also offers the Brat Stand outside of their stores in our area from April 1 to September 16. The Brat Stand allows nonprofit organizations to raise money, get more exposure, and connect over Wisconsin's favorite foods!

Festival Foods is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. They know charitable donations are part of being a good neighbor. They donate to non-profit charitable organizations, 501-(c)3, schools, and churches operating in the areas in which their stores serve. They also sponsor events for nonprofit organizations.

They also offer local charities the opportunity to sell icons in their stores. Guests can donate $1 or $5 at checkout with the cost being added to their total bill. An icon is then given to the guest to write their name on and displayed in-store during the sale.

Festival Foods will sell tickets to events in their store as well. They also offer local charities and partners the opportunity to host drives at various Festival Foods locations across the state. 

Festival Fireworks is held every year on the 4th of July in Green Bay and it is quite a show! Festival Foods also hosts the Turkey Trot every year on Thanksgiving and it is an excellent way for people to connect, stay active, and be thankful for this wonderful event.

Mark became CEO and president in 2006 and continues to lead the company today, carrying on the tradition of success built by his father and grandfather. Today, Festival Foods has opened stores in 40 locations across Wisconsin.

Festival Foods Partnership with our Board
Store Manager Jason Jacobs and the Veterans 1st Board Rick, Gail, Kim and Jeff.