Veterans 1st of NEW Affordable and Transitional Tiny Homes Veterans Village

Veterans 1st of Northeast Wisconsin is a non-profit agency that will provide a safe, supportive veteran community of tiny homes for our area veterans in need of transitional and affordable housing.

Our vision is that after three phases of construction, we will have 21 small units within a veterans' village. Of the 21 units, one will be a Community Center with an office, kitchen, and meeting area to be shared by all veterans within our village and area veterans from the greater Northeast Wisconsin community.

The remaining 20 homes, will be a mix of affordable and transition homes. We will be able to adjust the purpose of these units between affordable and transitional use depending on current needs. More information on the types of housing we will offer can be found at:

There is an incredible shortage of affordable housing in Brown County (3,700) as well as many veterans facing housing insecurity (up to 13% or over 480). We are also very aware of other complex issues that veterans face. First and foremost is the high and rising rate of suicide, along with substance abuse and mental health concerns. By removing the concern as to where they will be living, we will be able to navigate them to resources, and address individual needs as they arise.

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Phone: 920-932-1763

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