Support services we will offer in the summer of 2024 with the help of our many veteran and community partners as follows:

  • Beyond Trails Horse Therapy will be offered regularly for the veteran residents to groom, pet and ride for support
    • Dog therapy will also be offered
  • Volunteer agency opportunities with the Volunteer Center
  • Monthly cookouts and camaraderie with local veteran groups and organizations
  • Spirituality sessions will be offered by local pastors weekly for support
  • Fishing and hunting trips will be offered by Take em Outdoors.
  • Fishing and hunting trips will be offered by Honor and Valor Outdoors (
  • Cognitive Therapy for Pain
  • Movement/Meditation Groups
  • Workout equipment
  • AA and other 12 Step Groups
  • More wrap-around services offered by Veterans 1st NEW can be found at

Therapies offered

More information about Veterans 1st Tiny Homes Village can be found at:

or call us at 920-932-1763

or email us at: [email protected]