Therapies will be offered to our veteran residents on their journey to self-sufficiency and housing stability. We will work with Brown County and the Vet Center to offer counseling and therapies to our transitional veteran residents that might be struggling with different traumas. We will give them a safe, transitional housing village in which to recover so they can start training for a new career.

We also have several Certified Peer Specialists and Veteran Mentors who want to work with our veterans to help them overcome their issues and teach our veteran residents how to be Peer Specialists as well to help the next group. We also have a trained Substance Abuse Counselor on staff who will work with the veterans in that area. After addressing any trauma issues we are partnering with the Department of Workforce Development's Veterans Services and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program to provide our residents with relevant job training and placement in a career that they are interested in. We are in the planning stages currently and are hopeful that we will have our first veteran residents by the summer of 2024. We will also offer the following groups:

Wraparound Services Offered

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