Weyers Family Foundation

Colleen, Ron, Tracy, and Bob Weyers

Ron Weyers Military Service

We are so grateful to the Weyers Family Foundation for their generous donation to help us build an Affordable Home in Phase 1 of our construction this spring. The Weyers Family and their extended family have a very long military history dating back to the Civil War. Ron Weyers was an Army Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He successfully jumped out of perfectly good airplanes over 60 times while stationed at Fort Bragg. He was also stationed in Mainz, Germany where he served with his brother Bob who was in the Air Force. He married his wife, Colleen and they moved back to the Freedom, Wisconsin area to raise their family.

Insurance Companies

Ron started an insurance company in his home and then partnered with Wally Hilliard. They started an insurance company called Employers Health Insurance and later started American Medical Security (AMS). Because of Ron’s strong commitment to his staff his company grew to employ over 3,000 people. That same family atmosphere that developed in the home office remained the bedrock of the business. He wanted input from everybody on how they could "do better" and always made sure to celebrate success. He listened. He cared about people and their lives. Little did he know that the family atmosphere would earn him the fierce loyalty of those that worked with him.

Charitable Giving

Along with Colleen, he created the Weyers Family Foundation to give back to the community that he felt made his success possible. The Weyers Family Foundation has many causes that they focus on including veterans, homelessness, arts and culture.

Ron and Colleen's son Bob and his wife Tracy share the same love of helping people currently with a nonprofit that they started called CHAD which stands for Combating Homelessness and Dependency. They help people who may be struggling with homelessness and offer them hope and resources to overcome their situations.

We at Veterans 1st are proud to be able to partner with the Weyers Family Foundation and hope to continue our friendship so more people can find hope.

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