Cornerstone Foundation

Veterans 1st of NEW is so very grateful to the Cornerstone Foundation for their generous donation of $100,000 for us to purchase the materials to build our first Community Center which will then become a Transitional Home. This home will house all the wraparound services that we will be providing for our residents for the first two years we are in operation and then become a home for two veteran residents while they save up enough money to move into an affordable home of their own in two years. They will only have to pay 30% of their income after they get a job to be able to grow their savings while they work on some of the traumas they might have experienced while serving their country.

The core focus of Cornerstone Foundation has consistently been to serve the disadvantaged population in the community. Their board remains deeply committed to playing a significant role in improving lives in our community for generations to come. Since the inception of the foundation, more than $46 million has been distributed to worthy organizations impacting the lives of those with the greatest needs…And their current directors are working to ensure their successors continue this important philanthropic tradition.

We can't thank the Cornerstone Foundation enough for this generous gift that will make the difference in so many veterans lives and give them hope as they start rebuilding their lives.