Veterans 1st will Partner with Racine Tiny Homes

Veterans 1st will partner with VOW Racine Tiny Homes Village in the future. Executive Director Zach Zdroik (pictured below with Veterans 1st Director, Kim Nohr and his wife Gail) is a great inspiration to our board. His village has a 75% success rate for veterans experiencing homelessness to sustainability in an average of 14 months. Veterans 1st will be using their Phase Up Program in our village as well in order for our veteran residents to make progress in working through their issues and finding a career path that suits them. The second picture is Kim and a recent graduate of VOW, Glen Miller, who now has a good paying job and his own apartment for the first time thanks to his hard work and the dedication of Zach and his staff. This is more proof that the Tiny Homes Village Veterans Community works to help veterans overcome their difficulties and prosper. We will offer transitional and affordable supportive housing for veterans in Northeast Wisconsin. You can see more about VOW at:

Zach and VOW have helped more than 80 veterans in their 5 years of operation to become self-sufficient and attain employment and their own housing after graduation. They also have a food pantry that serves over 350 veteran families in the Racine area. Veterans 1st will partner with VOW Racine Tiny Homes when they bring their mobile food pantry bus to our veterans Tiny Homes Village in Green Bay.

You can find out more information about our Veterans 1st Tiny Homes Village at: